At the Quigley Foundation we believe knowledge is power. Once you educate yourself, you can make an informed decision.  It’s important to understand your own body especially as it transitions into menopause and andropause.  Since it’s the diminishing sex hormones that cause your physical, psychological,  emotional and  cognitive  symptoms, your first question should be: what is a hormone and what does it do?

 A hormone is a biochemical substance, naturally created within a single organ, that travels  throughout your entire body via your blood steam to impact almost every cell in your body.  All major organs and systems are  affected by changes in your estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Your body is a delicate fabric of interlaced and integrated systems, each affecting the other through a complex pattern of feedback loops that monitor and control your biochemical processes. Your body senseswhen something is out of balance, and will send you messages to inform you.

Why Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Due to increased longevity,  the largest number of people in history are experiencing “the change of life” at the same time. In the United States alone, there are some 100 million women and men who are discovering what life is like after the age of 40, when sex hormones begin to diminish.  In women it’s called Menopause, and in men, Andropause.  It’s the declining levels of the sex hormones of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone in women that  has Baby Boomers touting the benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).  The only way to “cure” diminishing hormones is to replenish them. Research shows that HRT for young (less than 60 years old), symptomatic, healthy women and men is one of the essential keys to improving both the quality of your life and longevity.

When your hormone levels are restored and balanced using the Quigley Method of individualized doses of non oral  bio-identical HRT, you will experience enormous physical, psychological, emotional, cognitive and spiritual benefits.  

HRT, using The Quigley Method of individualized doses of non oral, bio-identical hormones can promote a balanced life of Wellness, Oneness and Wholeness (W.O.W.). Once your hormones are balanced, your zest for life will return and you will be able to experience passion and purpose that come with a meaningful life.

The Quigley Foundation intends to empower and educate women and men, helping them  to create awareness about the importance of living a healthy and balanced life.

HRT simply means replacing that which the body no longer produces naturally.  Women generally begin hormone replacement when they experience the  physical, psychological, emotional, or cognitive symptoms of low estrogen and/or testosterone. These menopausal symptoms are usually reversed when the correct dosage of the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone are replaced using the Quigley Method. 

Without estrogen after menopause,  women’s bones become more brittle, their skin thinner and wrinkled,  and their heart and brain arteries often build up plaque. This lack of estrogen increases their risk of osteoporatic, and fractures, subsequent heart attack and stroke, and it also increases their risk for Alzheimer’s disease. But an incredible thing happens when estrogen is replaced- it's almost like jumping into a personalized Fountain of Youth. Dry, wrinkled skin fills with collagen, plumps and looks dewier, younger, and healthier.  Vaginal tissue thickens, reverseing painful intercourse, which often results from a long term lack of estrogen. Restoring estrogen quite simply means restoring and improving a woman’s quality of life, and the research now shows estrogen even extends her life expectancy.

Men experience a similar reduction in their production of the sex hormone testosterone in what’s called “Andropause”. Testosterone replacement offers middle aged men physical, sexual, psychological, and cognitive improvements like increased energy, increased muscle tone, and increased endurance. Testosterone also increases a man’s libido, often restores his early morning erections, and gives men more frequent and harder erections. Many men on testosterone replacement report they think more clearly, are better able to stay focused and complete tasks, and their short term memory improves as well.

Interestingly, adding testosterone to a woman’s HRT also gives her increased energy, a zest for life, as well as an increased libido and stronger bones.  Nobody knows this better than Dr. Quigley. Since 1982 Dr. Quigley has safely initiated individualized doses of non oral, bio-identical estrodial and testosterone to over 10,000 symptomatic, healthy, peri-menopausal or early post menopausal women. He was one of the first doctors to ever prescribe bio-identical testosterone to female patients.  For over 30 years he has routinely prescribed testosterone to the women he has treated for HRT. 

Then there is progesterone which is used as an adjunct hormone for women with an intact uterus to protect and prevent the development of a specific uterine cancer. Dr. Quigley suggests taking progesterone just before bed time as it may assist a women in falling asleep.