Dr. Quigley says, "In my over 35 year journey as a practicing physician and a clinical researcher, I have explored the truth about the risks and benefits of hormone replacement. I have specialized in individualized doses of non oral, bio-identical estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone replacement for menopausal women and testosterone for andropausal men. Gathering data from the many thousands of my patients using my proprietary Women's and Men's Awareness Calendars, has enabled me to see that the loss of hormones affects each individual very differently. That manifests not only in physical symptoms, but also in psychological,  emotional, and cognitive changes. My goal is to give you HOPE that there is a SAFE, SIMPLE way of reversing your many hormonal symptoms." 

On July 9, 2002 the results of a single study, the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) Prempro Study, terrified women worldwide into stopping their estrogen cold turkey. They were told "female hormones" (implying estrogen) caused breast cancer, heart attack, stroke and blood clots. I am here to stop the fear. I have never observed any of my female patients have a heart attack, an osteoporotic hip fracture or Alzheimer's disease as a result of Estrogen Replacement Therapy (ERT). Years later, it has been shown that the data was flawed, and the content of this infamous study was taken out of context. My book, MeNoPause Awaken and Empower your Self with Individualized Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, shows you how individualized, non oral, bio-identical hormones helps many women and men restore their quality of life, sense of well being and potentially live longer. Once you have reviewed the risks and benefits of individualized doses of hormones with the Quigley Method, you will be better able to determine whether hormone replacement is right for you. Trust your inner knowingness, your intuition, and to follow what I call the WOW factor (Wellness, Oneness, Wholeness). 

Dr. Ted Quigley