The Quigley Foundation provides education and support to people with limited access to hormone replacement as it relates to living a healthier, longer, and balanced life. Through pioneering  methods, we enrich and enhance the hormonal transitions that many face at different stages of their lives.


  • To empower you to take control of your health and well being
  • To awaken your Self and create a redefined zest for life
  • To enhance both your quantity and quality of life
  • To create individual awareness of: Wellness, Oneness, and Wholeness (The W.O.W. Factor)




Dr. Quigley talks to global experts and explains the truth about hormones and breast cancer, and shows how one confusing study Women's Health Initiative, caused millions of menopausal women all over the world to stop taking their hormones. Now in pre-production, Dr. Quigley’s breakthrough documentary will explain what that study really said, and take you beyond the media hype and misinformation about Estrogen Replacement Therapy and breast cancer. What’s the real truth?  Dr. Quigley’s method of individualized doses of non oral bio-identical hormones will not only significantly improve the quality of your life, it may also help you live a longer, healthier life. This is a message that must be shared with women and men all over the world. We have engaged a critically acclaimed documentary writer/producer to work directly with Dr. Quigley on this important production. 

Since 2002, almost every woman who is entering menopause has heard something about the risk of breast cancer and hormones.  It’s the reason many women and physicians are still afraid of hormone replacement therapy today.  The truth is, bio-identical estrogen is cardio protective.  Dr. Quigley believes it is critical that every woman understands why hormone replacement therapy can improve her quality of life, extend her life, and even save her life.   Why? Lawmakers are making health care decisions for women today that may affect their access to the hormones they need to live their very best lives. 

We plan to interview world experts about the current perceived risks and benefits of hormone replacement on:

- Atherosclerosis and subsequent heart attack and stroke

- Breast cancer

- Preventable premature deaths

- Osteoporosis and subsequent fractures

- Alzheimer's disease

- Type 2 diabetes

- Blood clots in the circulation.

We hope to clarify the importance of age, the "window of opportunity" for initiating estrogen therapy after menopause, symptomatic vs asymptomatic women and baseline health status on assisting each individual woman to determine if hormone replacement is safe for her to start or continue now.

With your help this is possible.