THE MEN'S AWARENESS CALENDAR - Men use this calendar to track their daily symptoms in order to determine there ideal hormonal zone.


48 HOURS/CBS - In 1995 CBS 48 hours film crew came to Dr Quigley's office to interview three women regarding their experience with bio-identical testosterone replacement. At the end of the day the film crew asked "What about men? Isn't there Testosterone Replacement Therapy for men?"  Doctor Quigley then consulted with three male patients who consented to come in the next day to film the second half of this 48 hour TV program on the risks/benefits of testosterone replacement for men. The day following the viewing of this program on TV,  Dr. Quigley's office received over 500 phone calls from women all over the United States and Canada.


KNSD CH. 39 SAN DIEGO "MALE MENOPAUSE": 8-05-2002 - A male's symptoms of low testosterone often mimic a woman's menopausal symptoms of low estrogen and low testosterone. As testosterone levels decline in a male, they may notice increased fatigue, sleep disturbances, decreased sex drive and a decrease in their sense of well-being.


KUSI CH. 51 SAN DIEGO "MALE MENOPAUSE": 9-23-2002 - Can older men feel younger by taking Testosterone Replacement Therapy? Non oral bio-identical testosterone replacement can restore a male's energy, sense of well being, muscle tone, and bone strength and make his emotions more even. If too much testosterone is replaced, men may experience a red face due to an increase in hemoglobin and hematocrit in the blood. This makes the heart work harder. Men on testosterone replacement should have their prostate examined every 6 to 12 months.


SD INSIDER CH. 4 SAN DIEGO "MALE MENOPAUSE": 5-14-2003 - Male Mid Life Crisis may occur in males in their forties or fifties. A male may notice an increased waist size and love handles, decreased energy and vitality, depression, moodiness, decreased cognitive function, a lack of libido and a decrease in sexual performance. Testosterone pellets can reverse these symptoms within 4-7  days and the benefits last for 3 to 6 months.


KUSI CH. 51 SAN DIEGO "MALE MENOPAUSE INTERVIEW": 1-24-2006 - The male change of life: is called Andropause. Like women, men can experience physical, psychological, emotional, sexual and cognitive changes at the change of life. The first step is an awareness of the change and then a blood testosterone level may confirm a drop in a male's testosterone level. Various forms of non oral bio-identical testosterone replacement can reverse these low testosterone symptoms.