THE WOMEN'S AWARENESS CALENDAR ("WAC") - Women use this calendar to track their daily symptoms to determine there ideal hormonal zone.



THE MENSTRUAL CALENDAR - Women use this calendar to track their monthly menstrual cycles. This is a great tool to share with your daughters, so that they can be aware of their bodies at an early age.  






SCRIPPS TALK TO WOMEN: 2012 - This one hour talk is typical of the many talks Dr Quigley has given to women in San Diego to educate them about their bodies, their hormones and the risk/benefits of individualized bio-identical non oral estrogen, testosterone and progesterone replacement.


48 HOURS/CBS - In 1995 the CBS 48 hours film crew came to Dr Quigley's office to interview three women regarding their experience with bio-identical testosterone replacement. At the end of the day the film crew asked "What about men? Isn't there testosterone for men?"  Doctor Quigley then consulted with three male patients who consented to come in the next day to film the second half of this 48 hour TV program on the risks/benefits of testosterone replacement for men. The day following the viewing of this program on TV,  Dr. Quigley's office received over 500 phone calls from women all over the United States and Canada.


UCSD SEMINAR - This talk was sponsored by UCSD for doctors reviewing the need to reverse needless hormonal pain and suffering for their women patients. The talk explains the truth of the now infamous Women's Health Initiative Premarin / Prempro clinical trials of 2002 and 2004. In 2002 the Prempro study resulted in 50 percent of women worldwide discontinuing their hormone replacement cold turkey.